The Canungra School of Arts Hall Inc.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

These constitute the Terms and Conditions of Hire imposed on all persons, groups or organisations hiring the Canungra School of Arts Hall Inc.

  1. Hirer will meet the Bookings Officer before the hire commences at the hall, and keys returned in the “Key Return” slot near the ramp door, unless other arrangements are in place, Contact the Bookings Officer on 0408 155 747 or email at:
  2. The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all persons during the hire period.
  3. If used, tables and chairs are to be stacked neatly at the completion of the function or hire period, in the position from which they were removed.
  4. After use, the hall is to vacuumed, (swept) and moped and left in a tidy condition. Bins are to be emptied into the Council Bins at the side of the hall.  This includes the toilet waste paper bins.
  5. All fans and lights are to be turned off. Turn off and lock the sound system.
  6. All windows and doors are to be closed and locked, and checked prior to departure. Note: loss of the keys will incur a cost of  $450, being the cost to replace all locks and keys.
  7. If the kitchen and its facilities are used: –
  • Please ensure that all switches that are to be turned off are.
  • Empty the urn, wipe clean and leave with lid on.
  • Make sure that fridge interior is emptied and wiped out, Empty and Clean the Bain Marree.
  • Strictly ensure that all controls on the stove are turned to the off position and that the stove main switch is turned off.
  • Clean the kitchen, including bench tops, floors and other facilities used.
  • Please report any breakages or faulty facilities to the Booking Officer as soon as possible.
  • Wilful or deliberate damage MUST be paid for.
  • Should supplementary cleaning be necessary, this will be billed to the hirer.


Hall Management Committee